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CNC Turning and CNC Machining requires every time quality production correctly! Zümre Makina is a specialist in CNC machining, vacuum casting, quick tooling, and sheet metal fabrication. Our main power comes in-house investment and strong partners in manufacturing process. We are one of the greatest rapid prototyping and high volume manufacturing company inm Turkey. It allows us to ensure that your designs and ideas are actualized in the real world in only a few days.

Swiss Turning

Extremely tight tolerances and More comples parts

CNC Milling

Milling, threading, chamfering, grooving etc. It is suitable for many different features including.

CNC Turning

CNC Turned Parts From Single To High Volume Mass Production​

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Your ideas matter to us – as well as functionality and quality.

High-Volume Manufacturing

Despite the name of our company, Zümre Makina provides more than fast prototyping services. We specialize in high-volume production for a variety of industries, including automotive, railway, medical, and others.

Rapid Production

With advanced equipment and rich experience, we are able to translate your design and invention blueprints into manufactured prototypes in as little as 3 days and saving at least 30% in costs, our prototyping services include: CNC prototyping, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, sheet metal prototyping and 3D printing.

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What is the difference between CNC and NC?

CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and refers to the use of computer technology to control machine tools, such as lathes, mills, and routers. NC, or “numerical control,” is the earlier version of this technology, in which the control commands were input manually via punch cards or other means, rather than through a computer. In CNC technology, a computer program is used to control the machine tool, allowing for automation, precision, and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

NC Machine

NC Machine

CNC Machines

CNC Machine

What are the post operations after CNC machining?

Post-operations after CNC machining typically include cleaning, inspection, and packaging of the machined parts. The machined parts may also need to be deburred or polished to remove any sharp edges or burrs. Depending on the application, the parts may also need to be heat-treated or coated. In some cases, the parts may need to be assembled or tested before they are shipped to the customer.

What is CNC Turning operation?

CNC turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, is used to remove material from a rotating workpiece to create a desired shape. The workpiece is typically mounted on a spindle, which rotates it, and the cutting tool is moved along different axes to remove material and create the desired shape. CNC stands for “computer numerical control,” which means that the cutting tool is controlled by a computer program rather than a human operator.

CNC machining, CNC turning

We work in partnership with all the major quality solutions with over 50 CNC machines to meet your products on line

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Zümre Makina CNC machining and CNC turning solutions

Zümre Makina is CNC services company that has machines with 3, 4, and axes  
There are also CNC Lathes and fully automatic CNC Swiss type turning machines available. 
After the parts have been CNC machined, CNC turned, and Swiss turned, the products can be surface polished.
Our company started its activities in 2010 in Ankara. Because we aim to serve in the fields of high quality product processing, manufacturing, design, product development and projects. At the end, it makes us high quality contract manufacturing by using all the possibilities of the industry. In the developing technology world, our company develops itself according to world standards and increases its capabilities, aiming for the best. With our own investments and partner companies, we can serve to the world with over 50 CNC milling, turning and automatic swiss type machines. After the parts CNC machined , CNC turned Swiss turned we can get the products to have surface finished . With the CNC machining capabilities, we can serve to multiple sectores such as railways, automative and defence industries.
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CNC turning & CNC Machining
Prototyping and Mass Production

Zümre Makina owns high precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis imported machines which allow us to achieve tight tolerances. We have also invested in a material tester, so that we can verify the materials we use and make sure they are the correct ones for each project. As well as, we can quickly get measurement results from our automotive coordinate measuring machine (CMM).


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