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Zümre Makina Mold Manufacturing

Our company started its activities in 2010 in Ankara. Because we aim to serve in the fields of high quality product processing, manufacturing, design, product development and projects. At the end, it makes us high quality contract manufacturing by using all the possibilities of the industry. In the developing technology world, our company develops itself according to world standards and increases its capabilities, aiming for the best. With our own investments and partner companies, we can serve to the world with over 50 CNC milling, turning and automatic swiss type machines. After the parts CNC machined , CNC turned , Swiss turned we can get the products to have surface finished . With the CNC machining capabilities, we can serve to multiple sectores such as railways, automative and defence industries.

How do we start Mold Manufacturing service?

Zümre Makina is your CNC manufacturing partner for prototyping and mass production of CNC machined parts and CNC turned parts. Our concept is to make the best custom CNC machining parts from the beginning!

Free evaluation of precision CNC machining

Free assessment of Projects

Send your idea or 3D or CAD files and we'll get your project started right away for free evaluation. Our goal is to complete a quality and cost-effective plan for your parts within 30 minutes.

DFM analysis

DFM Feedback

Before we start producing custom machined components, we'll make a DFM analysis and develop a process control plan for all quality risk points. Our engineers will develop DFM risk-based program and then organize tools and cuttings to ensure the consistency of partial quality.

Quality control

Production and Quanlity control

During the precision machined parts production process, our QC engineers will conduct patrol inspections based on the engineering drawings, and follow certain test methods and frequencies to ensure that the quality meets the requirements of the drawings (appearance, dimensions, tolerances).