CNC Milling, Metal and Plastic Parts manufacturer in Turkey, Your close partnerCNC Machining, Metal and Plastic Parts manufacturer in Turkey, Your close partner

Our company started its activities in 2010 in Ankara. Because we aim to serve in the fields of high quality product processing, manufacturing, design, product development and projects. At the end, it makes us high quality contract manufacturing by using all the possibilities of the industry.

In the developing technology world, our company develops itself according to world standards and increases its capabilities, aiming for the best. With our own investments and partner companies, we can serve to the world with over 50 CNC milling, turning and automatic swiss type machines.

After the parts CNC machined , CNC turned Swiss turned we can get the products to have surface finished . With the CNC machining capabilities, we can serve to multiple sectores such as railways, automative and defence industries.

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